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Src family kinases (SFKs) are nonreceptor tyrosine kinases that are reported to be critical for cancer progression. We report here a novel subseries of C-5-substituted anilinoquinazolines that(More)
Starting from potent inhibitors of PI3Kα having poor general kinase selectivity (e.g., 1 and 2), optimisation of this series led to the identification of 25, a potent inhibitor of PI3Kα (wild type,(More)
We report the discovery and optimisation of a series of 8-(2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzoxazin-4-ylmethyl)-2-morpholino-4-oxo-chromene-6-carboxamides, leading to compound 16 as a potent and selective PI3Kβ/δ(More)