Christine Lacroix

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INTRODUCTION Transmission of communicable diseases on board aircraft is of considerable concern for passengers and aircrew. Previously published estimates of risk of tuberculosis (TB) transmission have been highly variable. Furthermore, very few studies have been published for active TB in aircrew. METHODS The public health authorities advised the Medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite being more prevalent in developing countries, tuberculosis (TB) remains an important health problem in Canada. Long diagnosis delays of respiratory tuberculosis are associated with adverse consequences for the patient but also for the community. From a public health perspective, identification of factors associated with long delays of(More)
The analytical studies used to investigate foodborne outbreak are mostly case-control or retrospective cohort studies. However, these studies can be complex to perform and susceptible to biases. This article addresses basic principles of epidemiology, probability, and the use of case-case design to identify the source of an Escherichia coli O157:H7(More)
Research in tobacco prevention is increasingly showing that anti-smoking campaigns aimed at youth work. However, not all interventions are effective, and some have had unintended harmful effects, even to the point of increasing tobacco use by youth. In this commentary, we discuss potentials risks associated with interventions poorly supported by the(More)
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