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The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the “Female” Professions
This paper addresses men's underrepresentation in four predominantly female professions: nursing, elementary school teaching, librarianship, and social work. Specifically, it examines the degree toExpand
Gendered Organizations in the New Economy
This article extends Acker’s theory of gendered organizations by identifying the mechanisms that reproduce gender inequality in the twenty-first-century workplace, and by suggesting appropriate policy approaches to remedy these disparities. Expand
Doing "women's work": Men in nontraditional occupations.
Introduction - Christine L Williams Across the Great Divide - Harriet Bradley The Entry of Men Into 'Women's Jobs' The Pay of Men in 'Female' Occupations - Paula England and Melissa S Herbert IsExpand
The Glass Escalator, Revisited
When women work in male-dominated professions, they encounter a “glass ceiling” that prevents their ascension into the top jobs. Twenty years ago, I introduced the concept of the “glass escalator,”Expand
Mothers in “Good” and “Bad” Part-time Jobs
Part-time work schedules are a popular option for many women struggling to reconcile the competing demands of employment and motherhood. They are controversial among feminists because they areExpand
Still a Man's World: Men Who Do Women's Work
Men who do 'women's work' have consistently been the butt of jokes, derided for their lack of drive and masculinity. In this eye-opening study, Christine Williams provides a wholly new look at menExpand
“Looking Good and Sounding Right”
Upscale retail stores prefer to hire class-privileged workers because they embody particular styles and mannerisms that match their specialized brands. Yet retail jobs pay low wages and offer fewExpand
Divorced Fathers
Previous studies show that divorced men exhibit high rates of psychological distress, alcohol abuse, and mortality. Using data from a recent national survey, we consider the possibility that theseExpand
SEXUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE: Organizational Control, Sexual Harassment, and the Pursuit of Pleasure
▪ Abstract Flirting, bantering, and other sexual interactions are commonplace in work organizations. Not all of these interactions constitute harassment or assault; consensual sexual relationships,Expand