Christine L Smith

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether a nutritional supplement of selenium will decrease the incidence of cancer. DESIGN A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled cancer prevention trial. SETTING Seven dermatology clinics in the eastern United States. PATIENTS A total of 1312 patients (mean age, 63 years; range, 18-80 years) with a history(More)
OBJECTIVE To report dynamic collapse of the apex of the left corniculate process under the right corniculate process into the airway at the dorsal apposition of the paired arytenoid cartilages during exercise as a cause of upper airway dysfunction in horses. DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS Fifteen horses with a history of poor performance and/or(More)
Wound repair is a complex series of coordinated events regulated by a delicately orchestrated cascade of cytokines and growth factors that restore the structural integrity of damaged tissue. Manipulation of the growth factor profile or wound environment through topical application of therapeutic agents could positively influence the rate and quality of(More)
In this review we attempt to compile and summarize the diverse and often contradictory material presented on the reproduction of llamas and alpacas (hereafter referred to as lamoids). Lamoids have recently gained international popularity, and theriogenologists are often asked to intervene in clinical management of reproductive problems of these animals. We(More)
The absorption and elimination of a single 500 mg dose of methyldopa has been studied after oral administration to 10 normal volunteers, 10 patients with coeliac disease, who were on a gluten-free diet, and to five patients with Crohn's disease. In patients with Crohn's disease the percentage of the dose recovered in urine (24%) was about one-half of normal(More)
Widespread subcutaneous lipoatrophy occurred in a 47-year-old woman after subcutaneous injections of isophane insulin suspension for five months. Subsequent systemic treatment with a dexamethasone (0.08 mg/day) insulin mixture injected subcutaneously into the depressed areas resulted in an impressive return of subcutaneous tissue after eight months of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) on equine articular cartilage matrix metabolism. STUDY DESIGN Using a cartilage explant culture system, proteoglycan (PG) synthesis, PG release, lactate metabolism, chondrocyte viability, and metabolism recovery were determined after cartilage exposure to DMSO. SAMPLE POPULATION Cartilage(More)