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Social media represent powerful tools of mass communication and information diffusion. They played a pivotal role during recent social uprisings and political mobilizations across the world. Here we present a study of the Gezi Park movement in Turkey through the lens of Twitter. We analyze over 2.3 million tweets produced during the 25 days of protest(More)
INTRODUCTION The " shrinking pipeline " of women who ascend through the ranks in computer science education programs and careers is by now a familiar problem. Women drop out at rates faster than men at all levels of educational and professional advancement, resulting in a gender gap especially pronounced at the highest levels of the computing workforce, and(More)
Introduction * Information technology (IT) professionals are critical assets in today's knowledge-based economy. Moreover, a highly skilled and adaptable IT workforce representing the overall population is vital to the successful strategic utilization of IT (Ang & Slaughter, 2000). Much of the scholarly literature on personnel issues in Information Systems(More)
The Internet is increasingly becoming embedded in the lives of most American citizens. College students constitute a group who have made particularly heavy use of the technology for everything from downloading music to distance education to instant messaging. Researchers know a lot about the uses made of the Internet by this group of people but less about(More)
This article reports a survey of 4531 users of Itiraf.com ('Confession.com'), a confessional website based in Istanbul, Turkey, where people make personal confessions, tell stories and establish online and offline relationships with other users. Adopting a uses and gratifications approach to the web-based survey, to determine why the contributors to this(More)