Christine L. Lay

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Headaches associated with menstruation are often resistant to abortive and preventative medications. We performed an open-label study in 20 female migraineurs, employing oral sumatriptan perimenstrually as short-term prophylaxis of menstrual migraine. In 126 sumatriptan-treated cycles, headache was absent in 52.4% and reduced in severity by 50% or greater(More)
Of the nearly 32 million Americans with migraine, 24 million are women. It is a disorder affecting women throughout their lifetimes, from childhood and puberty through the postmenopausal years. In childhood, before puberty girls are afflicted with migraine at approximately the same rate as boys, but after puberty, there is an emerging female predominance.(More)
The syndrome known as chronic post-traumatic headache (CPTH) is controversial, particularly when it occurs following mild closed head injury or "whiplash". Problems with the diagnosis include issues related to classification, epidemiology, pathophysiology (psychogenic vs. organic) and treatment. In addition, there are cultural differences that may influence(More)
Nearly 32 million Americans have migraine, 24 million of whom are women who suffer with migraine throughout their lifetimes. Prior to puberty, girls are afflicted with migraine at approximately the same rate as boys, but after puberty there is an emerging female predominance. Although hormones do not entirely explain the epidemiological variation seen in(More)
Pediatric migraine variants, previously known as childhood periodic syndromes, migraine equivalents, or migraine precursors, are a group of periodic or paroxysmal disorders occurring in patients who also have migraine with or without aura, or who have an increased likelihood of developing migraine. They have common key clinical features including periodic(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology of HaNDL is not known. Recent neuroimaging studies have suggested that there may be altered cerebrovascular blood flow during acute episodes. However, what exactly these vascular changes represent and how they may relate to the overall pathogenesis of HaNDL is uncertain. CASE A 42-year-old, right-handed male, presented with acute(More)