Christine Koppl

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Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SPOAE) of the gecko species Gekko gecko and Eublepharis macularius appear as broad spectral peaks (bandwidth 44 to 170 Hz) between 1 and 4.5 kHz that have peak levels of -7 to 10 dB SPL. Most ears showed SPOAE at many frequencies. In some ears, the peaks were superimposed on a broad baseline emission. The instantaneous(More)
The nucleus ventralis lemnisci lateralis pars posterior (VL Vp) is the first binaural station in the intensity-processing pathway of the barn owl. Contralateral stimulation excites and ipsilateral stimulation inhibits VL Vp cells. The strength of the inhibition declines systematically from dorsal to ventral within the nucleus. Cells selective for different(More)
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