Christine Knauer

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BACKGROUND There are two ways to open the abdominal cavity in elective general surgery: vertically or transversely. Various clinical studies and a meta-analysis have postulated that the transverse approach is superior to other approaches as regards complications. However, in a recent survey it was shown that 90 % of all abdominal incisions in visceral(More)
BACKGROUND Controlled clinical trials produced contradictory results with respect to a specific analgesic effect of acupuncture. There is a lack of large multi-centre acupuncture trials. The German Acupuncture Trial represents the largest multi-centre study of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain caused by gonarthrosis up to now. METHODS 900(More)
The value of vision is assumed to be very high. To verify this assumption and to assign resources in medical care accordingly, it is necessary to quantify the value of vision. Although the value of vision is difficult to measure, visual quality of life can be quantified as a surrogate criterion. The measured value gains even more relevance if a comparison(More)
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