Christine Klöppel

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Superoxide dismutase 1 (Sod1) is an important antioxidative enzyme that converts superoxide anions to hydrogen peroxide and water. Active Sod1 is a homodimer containing one zinc ion, one copper ion, and one disulfide bond per subunit. Maturation of Sod1 depends on its copper chaperone (Ccs1). Sod1 and Ccs1 are dually localized proteins that reside in the(More)
Many surface proteins of eukaryotic cells are tethered to the membrane by a GPI-anchor which is enzymatically cleavable. Here, we investigate cleavage and release of different GPI-proteins by phospholipase C from the outer membrane of the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia. Our data indicate that different GPI-proteins are not equally cleaved as proteins of the(More)
(2012) Selective and programmed cleavage of GPI-anchored proteins from thesurface membrane by phospholipase C. BBA 1818: 117-124. (.pdf) John F. O'Toole et al., Individuals with mutations in XPNPEP3, which encodes a mitochondrial protein, develop a nephronophthisis-like nephropathy. (2003) Studies of GPI anchored proteins in chemosensory signaling using(More)
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