Christine Kilcline

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No published prospective studies have been published for several decades examining the incidence of hemangiomas. Older studies were performed before the delineation of "hemangiomas" from other vascular birthmarks was well-established. The objective of our study is to critically re-examine the literature reporting the incidence of infantile hemangiomas to(More)
Neonatal-onset multisystem inflammatory disorder (NOMID) is a rare congenital disorder characterized by a neonatal-onset urticarial rash, arthropathy, recurrent fevers, and central nervous system disease. We report 3 cases in which patients presented with neonatal-onset urticarial eruption and other organ involvement of varying severity. Genetic testing of(More)
To examine high energy CO(2) pulsed laser beams, reliable sampling and attenuation procedures were devised using the properties of coarse transmission gratings and diffuse scatter from specular metal mirrors. Details of measurements and alignment procedures are described including a single shot, nondisruptive method for effectively scanning the time(More)
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