Christine J. Band-Schmidt

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This review presents a detailed analysis of the state of knowledge of studies done in Mexico related to the dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum, a paralytic toxin producer. This species was first(More)
The effects of temperature on growth, cell toxicity, toxin content, and profile of paralytic shellfish toxins was determined in eight isolates of Gymnodinium catenatum from several localities along(More)
Saxitoxin (STX) and its analogs are paralytic alkaloid neurotoxins that block the voltage-gated sodium channel pore (Nav), impeding passage of Na⁺ ions into the intracellular space, and thereby(More)
Fish are particularly sensitive to metabolites produced by Raphidophyte species and these have caused intensive fish kills in several countries. However, the effects on embryos of marine fish are(More)