Christine Hulbert

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BACKGROUND We compared the therapeutic potential of purified mobilized human CD34+ cells with that of mobilized total mononuclear cells (tMNCs) for the preservation/recovery of myocardial tissue integrity and function after myocardial infarction (MI). METHODS AND RESULTS CD34+ cells were purified from peripheral blood tMNCs of healthy volunteers by(More)
The relationship between mannitol-induced water stress and protein synthesis was investigated in hypocotyl slices of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.). Mannitol-induced water stress inhibited the incorporation of L-[(35)S]methionine into protein. As the water potential decreased, incorporation of label into protein decreased in both the soluble- and(More)
Dynamic changes in 13C NMR signal from enriched glutamate pools within hearts have been examined under varied conditions of metabolite pool size and fractional enrichment. Relative signal intensities of 13C-enriched glutamate isotope isomers were similar within spectra from both intact hearts and corresponding in vitro samples. The parameters used to assess(More)
The cement used by females ofSupella longipala (F.) (Orthoptera∶Blattellidae) to bind their oothecae to substrates acts as a kairomone for host acceptance by the parasitoidComperia merceti. C. merceti discriminates parasitized from unparasitized oothecae and oviposts at reduced levels in the former. Low survival rates for parasitoids reared from oothecae(More)
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