Christine Honig

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Clinical features of 49 episodes of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome were compared with those of 39 episodes in patients with other immunosuppressive diseases. At presentation patients with the syndrome were found to have a longer median duration of symptoms (28 days versus 5 days, p = 0.0001), lower(More)
Fibrous tissues and tumors may appear hyperdense relative to muscles and solid viscera on CT both before and after IV contrast injection. In addition, fibrous tissues generally have a homogeneously hypoechoic sonographic appearance. The diagnostic value of these criteria is illustrated in a group of 21 fibrous tissue abnormalities that includes(More)
Identification of spurious coagulation factor deficiencies that are known to occur in association with lupus-like anticoagulants (LLACs) requires the use of cumbersome laboratory procedures. To determine whether single-stage assays employing the APTT system may be used to identify such artifacts, we measured multiple clotting factor levels by several(More)
A spectrum of radiologic findings in cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection of the alimentary canal seen in 14 patients and correlated with pathologic examinations is described. Twelve patients had acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and two had no identified immunosuppression. Autopsies were performed on 12. Diffuse CMV colitis was present in eight patients,(More)
Three patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome had biliary obstruction resulting from benign strictures of the biliary tract. Stenosis of the distal common bile duct with differing degrees of irregularity of the smaller intrahepatic and extrahepatic ducts was seen in association with either cryptosporidial or cytomegaloviral infection of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Controversy exists regarding the use and timing of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of both acute and chronic cholecystitis. Acute advocates claim to avoid fibrosis and potential dissection injuries, whereas chronic proponents avoid poor visualization due to edema and possible conversion. This study of both acute and chronic(More)
Between April 1982 and June 1983, cryptosporidiosis was diagnosed in six homosexual men. Four patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome had lymphopenia, cutaneous anergy, and profoundly impaired cellular immunity; their cryptosporidiosis was severe, unremitting, and refractory to all therapy. Two patients without other opportunistic infections or(More)
Review of the 70 transfusion-associated fatalities reported to the Bureau of Biologics (BOB) between 1976 and 1978 revealed 44 acute hemolytic reactions, two delayed hemolytic reactions, five fatalities associated with acute respiratory failure, two cases of bacterial contamination, one graft-versus-host reaction (GVHR), ten cases of hepatitis, and six(More)