Christine Hofmann

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The development of aprotic lithium-oxygen (Li-O2) batteries suffers from high charging overvoltages. Dissolved redox mediators, like nitroxides, providing increased energy efficiency and longer lifetime are promising tools to overcome this challenge. Since this auspicious concept is still in its infancy, the underlying chemical reactions as well as the(More)
We present an organocatalytic C-O-bond cross-coupling strategy to kinetically resolve racemic diols with aromatic and aliphatic alcohols, yielding enantioenriched esters. This one-pot protocol utilizes an oligopeptide multicatalyst, m-CPBA as the oxidant, and N,N'-diisopropylcarbodiimide as the activating agent. Racemic acyclic diols as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, the gold standard for the identification of antibodies against human neutrophil antigens (HNAs) is the monoclonal antibody-immobilized granulocyte antigen (MAIGA) assay. However, the handling of this assay is laborious and therefore cumbersome for the rapid screening of neutrophil antibodies. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS In this study,(More)
Here we report the development of the first enantioselective Dakin-West reaction, yielding α-acetamido methylketones with up to 58 % ee with good yields. Two of the obtained products were recrystallized once to achieve up to 84 % ee. The employed methylimidazole-containing oligopeptides catalyze both the acetylation of the azlactone intermediate and the(More)
The Fcg receptor IIIb (FcgRIIIb) for the Fc domain of IgG is expressed exclusively on neutrophils. The FcgRIIIb bears allotypic polymorphisms referred to as NA1, NA2, and SH, which are known for their frequent involvement in alloimmune and autoimmune neutropenias as well as in transfusion reactions. The bactericidal capacity of isolated neutrophils is(More)
We studied charge transport in a field-effect transistor based on an anthracene crystal by single-molecule spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures. When applying a control voltage to the gate, source and drain electrodes, we observe spectral drifts of the probe molecules' lines, which follow strongly non-exponential (stretched) kinetics, from seconds to tens(More)
We demonstrate the application of a multicatalyst to the oxidation of a broad variety of aldehydes and subsequent enantioselective esterification of the incipient acids with (±)-trans-cycloalkane-1,2-diols. This reaction operates well with a multicatalyst bearing two independent catalytic moieties that provide monoprotected 1,2-diols in one pot.
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