Christine Hildreth

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Sleep abnormalities are highly correlated with neurodevelopmental disorders, and the severity of behavioral abnormalities correlates with the presence of sleep abnormalities. Given the importance of sleep in developmental plasticity, we sought to determine the effects of chronic sleep-restriction during development on subsequent adult behavior. We(More)
Although the decline in stroke and other cardiovascular morbid and mortal events has been occurring since the 1940s, the steeper decline since 1968 has been attributed to improved hypertension awareness, treatment, and control. However, in spite of this encouraging trend from the population in general, surveys from the 1970s and our more recent survey from(More)
An expected utility model of individual choice is formulated which allows the decision maker to specify his available actions in the forn). of "controls" (partial contingency plans) and to simultaneously choose goals and controls in end-mean pairs. It is shown that the Savage expected utility model, the MarschakRadner team model, the Bayesian statistical(More)
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