Christine Glaser

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To assess the incidence, indications, and complications of (reoperative) thyroid gland surgery in an endemic region, we have retrospectively analyzed 1318 patients operated on between 1983 and 1994. There were 166 reoperations (13.5%). In comparison to the primary operation the indication for reoperation showed an increased rate of premalignant and(More)
Colicin M inhibits murein biosynthesis by interfering with bactoprenyl phosphate carrier regeneration. It belongs to the group B colicins the uptake of which through the outer membrane depends on the Tong, ExbB and ExbD proteins. These colicins contain a sequence, called the Tong box, which has been implicated in transport via Tong. Point mutations were(More)
PURPOSE The Google search engine is a resource commonly used by patients to access health-related patient education information. The American Medical Association and National Institutes of Health recommend that patient education resources be written at a level between the third and seventh grade reading levels. We assessed the readability levels of online(More)
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