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Tartrate-resistant serum acid phosphatase was measured in 123 subjects, 80 of which were normal and the rest pathologic, in order to define the profile and value of this parameter as a biological marker of osteoclastic activity. Normal subjects were divided into age groups based on the period where skeletal growth ends (under 20 years), at the age of(More)
The urgent need for an alternative to domiciliary delivery in Cape Town has been met by the development of midwife obstetric units (MOUs). These units are situated in suburbs with a high population density. They are staffed entirely by midwives and are linked by telephone to the base hospital. A flying squad service is available at the regional centre (the(More)
The durations of the various stages of normal labour in White patients delivered at Mowbray Maternity Hospital, Cape Town, have been estimated for parity groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 and over. A significant correlation between age and the duration of the second stage was found in the para 2 group (r = 0,23, P less than 0,05). Previous abortions, marital status and(More)
A revised scheme of management of the third stage of labour was recently introduced in the Midwife Obstetric Units in Cape Town. Patients received synthetic oxytocin (Syntocinon; Sandoz) 5 IU intramuscularly with the delivery of the anterior shoulder and ergometrine maleate 0.5 mg intramuscularly after delivery of the placenta. A significant decrease in the(More)
The observed frequency distribution of 2023 primary malignant gastro-intestinal tumours recorded during the 5-year period 1974-1978 is reported. The two most common sites were stomach (29.6%) and colon and rectum (29.5%), and the third most common was the oesophagus (19.8%). Marked differences in the site of the tumours according to race were found;(More)
Discussion In the original article by Dubowitz et al. (1970) and in the subsequent studies there were few infants of very low weight or gestational age: there were only 3 infants at 32 weeks, one at 31, and 2 at 28 weeks. The line for the lower gestations is an extrapolation of the correlation found nearer term. Singer et al. (1973) added a further 16(More)
The 5-year survival of 253 patients with ovarian malignancy of epithelial origin is reviewed. Although this is closely related to the clinical stage at presentation, the overall survival is poor, because the majority present with disease which has spread beyond the pelvis. There are more deaths in the first 2 years after diagnosis; thereafter the survival(More)