Christine Fessenmeyer

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BACKGROUND LMA CTrach (CT), a modified version of the intubating LMA Fastrach, allows continuous video-endoscopy of the tracheal intubation procedure. We tested the hypothesis that the CT is efficient for tracheal intubation of morbidly obese patients who are at risk of a difficult airway. METHODS After Ethics' Committee approval, 104 morbidly obese(More)
Respiratory-related variabilities in stroke volume and arterial pulse pressure (Delta%Pp) are proposed to predict fluid responsiveness. We investigated the influence of tidal volume (Vt) and adrenergic tone on these variables in mechanically ventilated patients. Cyclic changes in aortic velocity-time integrals (Delta%VTI(Ao), echocardiography) and Delta%Pp(More)
OBJECTIVE Interest in ultrasound-guided nerve block is increasing, but clinical utility still is being determined. We report a case in which ultrasound imaging aided nerve localization during popliteal block. CASE REPORT We report a case in which failure of nerve stimulation to locate the sciatic nerve at the popliteal fossa in a patient with underlying(More)
Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia is a classic opportunist infection affecting AIDS patients. However it is less frequent since systematic prophylaxis and antiretroviral therapies. Treatment resistance is rare in France. We report the case of a severe Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia with treatment resistance to standard treatment and fatal outcome. The(More)
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