Christine Fellows

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OBJECTIVE Aripiprazole at clinically effective doses occupies some 90% of striatal dopamine 2 and 3 (D(2)/D(3)) receptors. In order to further characterize its extrastriatal and time-dependent binding characteristics, the authors conducted positron emission tomography (PET) studies with the D(2)/D(3) antagonist [(18)F]fallypride at varying time points after(More)
To elucidate the "atypicality" of ziprasidone, its striatal and extrastriatal D2/D3-receptor binding was characterized in patients with schizophrenia under steady-state conditions. These data were compared with striatal receptor occupancy values after single-dose ziprasidone ingestion in healthy controls. [F]fallypride positron emission tomography (PET)(More)
The concentrations of lead and the isotopic ratios of lead, 206Pb:207Pb, were measured by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry in environmental specimens, cosmetics and traditional remedies. The ratios were compared with those found in blood samples of Saudi children who had increased concentrations of total blood lead. The isotopic ratios in the(More)
Data on all patients with pineal body tumors and suprasellar germinomas seen at the University of California--San Francisco over a 25-year period were reviewed. Of 19 patients treated, 15 are still alive. Although treatment techniques varied, all patients received irradiation to the primary tumor site but not to the spinal cord. The tumor dose ranged from(More)
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