Christine F Ochoa

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SHANK3 (also known as PROSAP2) is a postsynaptic scaffolding protein at excitatory synapses in which mutations and deletions have been implicated in patients with idiopathic autism, Phelan-McDermid (aka 22q13 microdeletion) syndrome, and other neuropsychiatric disorders. In this study, we have created a novel mouse model of human autism caused by the(More)
One hundred samples were randomly selected from urine specimens collected from Buenos Aires University students, 50 males and 50 females, whose ages ranged from 19 to 47 years. Cocaine (COC), cannabinoids (CNNs), amphetamines (AMs), benzodiazepines (BZDs), barbiturates (BBTs), opiates (OPs) and salicylates (SAs) were searched for by ELISA, FPIA, normalized(More)
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