Christine Evers

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Enhancement of an unknown signal from distorted observations is an extremely important Engineering problem. In addition to noise, the observation space often contains a degrading filter component. A typical example is blind speech enhancement, where a reverberant channel between a stationary source and the receiver can be modeled as a static infinite(More)
Room reverberation leads to reduced intelligibility of audio signals. Enhancement is thus crucial for high-quality audio and scene analysis applications. This paper proposes to directly and optimally estimate the source signal and acoustic channel from the distorted observations. The remaining model parameters are sampled from a particle filter,(More)
—High-order spherical microphone arrays offer many practical benefits including relatively fine spatial resolution in all directions and rotation invariant processing using eigenbeams. Spatial filtering can reduce interference from noise and reverberation but in even moderately reverberant environments the beam pattern fails to suppress reverberation to a(More)