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Race Matters, Even in Marriage: Identifying Factors Linked to Marital Outcomes for African Americans
Although many African Americans share a sociohistorical background, empirical research on family and marital processes has often overlooked a great deal of heterogeneity within the group. InExpand
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Life's recurring challenges and the fundamental dimensions: An integration and its implications for cultural differences and similarities
We propose that two psychological dimensions, one relevant to relationships and group life (communion, C) and the other to skill acquisition, talent, and accomplishment (agency, A), aid people inExpand
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Sexual Satisfaction, Perceived Availability of Alternative Partners, and Marital Quality in Newlywed African American Couples
The goal for this project was to examine the manner in which husbands’ and wives’ sexual satisfaction was related to their perceptions of the availability of alternative partners and overall maritalExpand
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Self‐judgment and reputation monitoring as a function of the fundamental dimensions, temporal perspective, and culture
Social acceptance and the development of one’s competencies and status are fundamental aspects of the human experience, but the former (communion) should take precedence over the latter (agency) inExpand
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Marital Quality of Newlywed African American Couples: Implications of Egalitarian Gender Role Dynamics
This research examined associations between husbands’ and wives’ gender role attitudes, division of household labor, and marital quality in a sample of 697 newlywed African American couples residingExpand
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Parent - Adolescent Relationship Qualities and Adolescent Adjustment in Two-Parent African American Families.
Using multi-informant data from 134 two-parent African American families, the goals of this study were to (a) describe parent - adolescent warmth and shared time as a function of parent and youthExpand
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Gender Dynamics Predict Changes in Marital Love Among African American Couples.
This study examined the implications of gender attitudes and spouses' divisions of household labor, time with children, and parental knowledge for their trajectories of love in a sample of 146Expand
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The development and correlates of gender role attitudes in African American youth
This research examined the longitudinal trajectories and family correlates of gender role attitudes in African American youth in a sample of 166 sibling pairs residing with their mothers and fathers.Expand
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Rejection Hurts: The Effect of Being Dumped on Subsequent Mating Efforts
Many of the qualities that people seek in a long-term partner are not directly observable. As a consequence, information gathered through social learning may be important in partner assessment. Here,Expand
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Who Cares About Marrying a Rich Man? Intelligence and Variation in Women’s Mate Preferences
Although robust sex differences are abundant in men and women’s mating psychology, there is a considerable degree of overlap between the two as well. In an effort to understand where and when thisExpand
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