Christine E Gardner

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Differential use of each hemisphere of the brain for specific tasks is a widespread phenomenon that appears to have arisen in the early history of tetrapod lineage. Despite a high degree of conformity in the development of lateralization among the tetrapods, some variation exists. The mechanisms underlying this variation remain largely unresolved. We(More)
This study examined whether late-learning English-German L2 learners and late-learning German-English L2 learners use prosodic cues to disambiguate temporarily ambiguous L1 and L2 sentences during speech production. Experiments 1a and 1b showed that English-German L2 learners and German-English L2 learners used a pitch rise and pitch accent to disambiguate(More)
Microstrip antennas have been the most widely used conformal aperture primarily due to their low-profile, simple construction, and durability. However, they are inherently low bandwidth apertures due to the fact that they form a leaky cavity. In this paper, the beginning of a new investigation into conformal apertures that are inspired by thin patch(More)
Drosophila larvae show attraction to low salt (NaCl) levels and aversion to higher levels. Studies have shown that larvae can go through olfactory conditioning with gustatory reinforcement to form relationships between odours and salt concentrations which result in larvae producing the same behaviour to the odour alone as they would to it’s associated salt(More)
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