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Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism
Money travels the modern world in disguise. It looks like a convention of human exchange - a commodity like gold or a medium like language. But its history reveals that money is a very differentExpand
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Coin Reconsidered: The Political Alchemy of Commodity Money
Medieval coin plays an essential role in the imagined history of money: it figures as the primal "commodity money" — a natural medium, spontaneously adopted by parties in exchange who converge upon aExpand
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Remaking Constitutional Tradition at the Margin of the Empire: The Creation of Legislative Adjudication in Colonial New York
In 1750, Archibald Kennedy condemned New York's legislators for their radical constitutional innovation. “They take upon themselves to be the sole judges,” he stormed, and “‘insist… that no order forExpand
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American Capitalism: New Histories
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The Constitutional Approach to Money: Monetary Design and the Production of the Modern World
In the modern lexicon, money is pure instrumentality, a colorless medium that transparently expresses real value. Contrary to that trope, however, we can get “inside” money: we can reconnoiter it asExpand
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Priming the pump
Commodity money as an extreme sport
Money as a Legal Institution
This chapter summarizes the case for considering money as a legal institution. The Western liberal tradition, represented here by John Locke’s iconic account of money, describes money as an item thatExpand
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