Christine Cuervo

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Autobiographical memory is intrinsically related to the self and personal identity. This study investigated whether both personal episodic memory and semantic memory are impaired in schizophrenia, a disease characterized by an abnormal personal identity. Personal episodic memory and personal semantic memory were investigated in 24 patients with(More)
Whether or not conscious recollection in autobiographical memory is affected in schizophrenia is unknown. The aim of this study was to address this issue using an experiential approach. An autobiographical memory enquiry was used in combination with the Remember/Know procedure. Twenty-two patients with schizophrenia and 22 normal subjects were asked to(More)
In comparison to controls, patients with schizophrenia classically display (1) an overall slowing in response times (RTs) and (2) a disproportionate slowing in RTs in the conflict condition of the Stroop color/word interference task. These two effects appear repeatedly in the card version of the Stroop task but were not replicated in a number of studies(More)
The functioning of working memory in schizophrenic patients according to Baddeley's model was examined in two complementary experiments. Experiment 1 comprised 27 patients and their controls, matched in age and level of education. Of this pool, 20 pairs participated also in Experiment 2. Digit span, reading rate, and immediate serial recall assessed the(More)
Abstract Rationale. Impaired perceptual priming, as assessed by naming reaction times and accuracy, for briefly presented contour-deleted pictures under lorazepam has been documented in several studies but whether the nature of this impairment is visual versus conceptual/lexical is not clear. We used a previously developed paradigm to examine whether(More)
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