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OBJECTIVE To examine parents' reported knowledge and use of harm reduction strategies to protect their infants from exposure to tobacco smoke in the home, and the relation between reported use of strategies and urinary cotinine to creatinine ratios in the infants. DESIGN Cross sectional survey. SETTINGS Coventry and Birmingham. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
In recent years, fathers' experiences during childbirth have attracted much research and policy interest. However, little of this work has been grounded in the first-hand accounts of men and there is a lack of theory-based research to help understand men's thoughts and practices around childbirth. This paper is based on qualitative research undertaken with(More)
Protecting infants from exposure to parental tobacco smoke is key to positive health outcomes in childhood and later life. While mothers' smoking has been well researched, fathers' smoking has received little attention. This paper reports data from a cross-sectional survey of 286 smoking fathers in the English Midlands, interviewed when their infants were(More)
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