Christine Chauvin

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OBJECTIVE As the world's most dangerous profession, sea fishing enables discussion of the concept of resilience and its articulation to the notion of safety in complex systems. BACKGROUND In the small, emerging community working on this concept, the prevailing idea to improve safety is that resilience must be reinjected into the know-how of complex(More)
Over the last decade, the shipping industry has implemented a number of measures aimed at improving its safety level (such as new regulations or new forms of team training). Despite this evolution, shipping accidents, and particularly collisions, remain a major concern. This paper presents a modified version of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification(More)
This study aims at comparing two data bases related to occupational injuries in the French sea fishing industry: a data base created between 1977 and 1980, a data base created between 1996 and 2001. These bases were made from report forms filled out by fishermen after an accident. The study focuses on the accidents occurring when the vessel is in the(More)
Small-angle neutron scattering from solutions of small RNA viruses has been used to study protein-nucleic acid organisation. In the five viruses investigated the RNA is confined to a sphere of about 100 A radius, with a central hole (with one possible exception). The interpenetration of RNA and protein varies with viruses and seems to be related to the(More)
Innovation often starts with a trigger: a new element made available that leads to new ideas, products and activities. A participatory approach is presented, to exploit such triggers and find possible new uses and interactions. The paper focuses on tools to introduce these new elements to participants with an experiment of several workshops. We discuss the(More)
Wildlife occupies a very relevant place in ecosystems by providing multiple goods and services to society, gaining an important role in mountain systems. In this manuscript, we calculate gross margin figures associated with game hunting activity in nine European mountainous case study areas. Information about local game population and their management were(More)