Christine Ceci

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This paper is concerned with events that were the subject of an inquest (The report of the Manitoba pediatric cardiac surgery inquest: an inquiry into twelve deaths at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre in 1994, Provincial Court of Manitoba, Winnipeg) into the deaths of 12 children who died while undergoing or shortly after having undergone cardiac surgery(More)
  • Christine Ceci
  • 2006
Foucault's preoccupation with the visual, specifically his positing of a sort of 'positive unconscious of vision', offers an entry point for examining data generated through a field study of home-care case management practice. In Foucault's work, our attention is directed not so much to what is seen but to what can be seen and to the effects of practices of(More)
  • Christine Ceci
  • 2003
The paper contrasts understandings of knowledge grounded in Enlightenment norms with the departures from those norms taken by some strands of feminism and hermeneutics, as well as the contributions made by the writing of Michel Foucault. A reading of Foucault's writings on knowledge, power and the discursive constitution of self and world is offered as a(More)
INTRODUCTION Following hip fracture surgery, patients often experience multiple transitions through different care settings, with resultant challenges to the quality and continuity of patient care. Family caregivers can play a key role in these transitions, but are often poorly engaged in the process. We aimed to: (1) examine the characteristics of the(More)
In 2008, the Minister of Health for Iceland issued a new regulation intended to govern assessment practices related to placement in nursing homes. One of the aims of the regulation was to ensure that those with the most severe need would have priority. This would be achieved, in part, by requiring older people to exhaust all available community-based(More)
This paper examines, and problematises, a well-entrenched conceptualization of how home care case management practice works - that is, that case managers offer alternatives, and clients make choices. This understanding of practice is reinforced by organisational policy that states that clients have the right to live at risk if that is their choice. Analysis(More)
PURPOSE To describe parental perceptions of decision making concerning their extremely premature newborns who received care in a level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). SUBJECTS Seven parents of preterm infants who were born at 24 to 26 weeks' gestation at a western Canadian tertiary NICU. DESIGN Qualitative, interpretive description,(More)
Developments in professional practice can be related to ongoing changes in relations of power among professionals, which often lead to changes in the boundaries of practices. The differing contexts of practices also influence these changing relations among health professionals. Legislation governing professional practice also differs from country to(More)
More than merely describing what constitutes a good or truthful interpretation, all judgments about the legitimacy of knowledge claims can be understood as enacting relations of power. That is, our understanding of what it means to make a reasonable claim to knowledge is already caught up in relations of power that privilege some perspectives and(More)
Reflections on power relations in nursing practice involves questions related to the daily practice of nursing staff as well the subjectivity of those involved in them. Nursing practice is more than a practice in itself. It assumes the dimension of meaning ascribed to it by different subjects who interact in the places where the practice takes place. We(More)