Christine Cahalan

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A three-generation outbred pedigree of 186 individuals was used to identify the genomic regions involved in the variability of chemical and physical wood properties of Pinus pinaster. A total of 54 quantitative trait loci (QTLs) was detected, with an average of 2.4 QTLs per trait. Clusters of wood properties QTLs were found at several points in the genome,(More)
Wood is one of our most important natural resources and has been exploited for many hundreds of years as fuel, building material and a source of paper. Its composition is variable among and within species. The ability to monitor the intra-specific variability is a prerequisite to improve wood and end-products properties. This paper describes a study of the(More)
SummaryVernalisation response in wheat is controlled by genes located on chromosomes 5A and 5D. The variety Chinese Spring has a winter or late allele (vrn1) on chromosome 5A and a spring or early allele (Vrn3) on 5D. Increasing the dosage of the former has no significant effect on vernalisation response, but when the dosage of the latter is increased the(More)
Cytoplasmic effects were investigated using a dataset comprising three breeding groups of Welsh Mountain sheep. The influences of cytoplasmic effects were investigated by comparing animal models with and without a random term representing cytoplasmic effects. The models were applied to the eight-week weight, scan weight (mean 152 days) and ultrasonically(More)
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