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Mycobacteriosis in zebrafish colonies.
Mycobacteriosis, a chronic bacterial infection, has been associated with severe losses in some zebrafish facilities and low-level mortalities and unknown impacts in others. The occurrence of at leastExpand
Efficacy and safety of 5 anesthetics in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Although the safety and efficacy of tricaine methanesulfonate (MS222) for anesthesia of fish are well established, other anesthetics used less commonly in fish have been less extensively evaluated.Expand
Efficacy and safety of stored and newly prepared tribromoethanol in ICR mice.
This study, performed in conjunction with an in vitro evaluation of tribromoethanol (TBE), consisted of three trials with three objectives. The first objective was to compare anesthetic efficacy andExpand
An evaluation of preparation methods and storage conditions of tribromoethanol.
This reports the in vitro portion of a study designed to establish guidelines for the preparation, storage, and use of tribromoethanol (TBE). We evaluated: 1) the purity of TBE powder from threeExpand
Recommendations for Health Monitoring and Reporting for Zebrafish Research Facilities.
The presence of subclinical infection or clinical disease in laboratory zebrafish may have a significant impact on research results, animal health and welfare, and transfer of animals betweenExpand
Trichodina xenopodus, a ciliated protozoan, in a laboratory-maintained Xenopus laevis.
A postmortem evaluation of a domestically bred, adult, female Xenopus laevis revealed the presence of a urinary bladder protozoan consistent with Trichodina xenopodus. T. xenopodus is considered anExpand
The Influence of Behavioral, Social, and Environmental Factors on Reproducibility and Replicability in Aquatic Animal Models.
The publication of reproducible, replicable, and translatable data in studies utilizing animal models is a scientific, practical, and ethical necessity. This requires careful planning and executionExpand
Evaluation of 5 cleaning and disinfection methods for nets used to collect zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Few standardized methods of cleaning and disinfecting equipment in zebrafish facilities have been published, even though the effectiveness of these procedures is vital to preventing the transmissionExpand
Transmission of Pseudoloma neurophilia in Laboratory Zebrafish (Danio rerio) When Using Mass Spawning Chambers and Recommendations for Chamber Disinfection.
Pseudoloma neurophilia, a microsporidium that primarily infects neural tissues, is a common pathogen in laboratory zebrafish. The risk of parasite transmission with different spawning apparatuses andExpand
Developmental and behavioral effects of toe clipping on neonatal and preweanling mice with and without vapocoolant anesthesia.
Toe clipping is used to identify and genotype preweanling mice, but the procedure generates concerns relevant to pain and distress. The few pertinent studies available evaluated mice betweenExpand