Christine C. Harter

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Extracellular sodium ion is required for activation of motility and respiration in sea urchin sperm when semen is diluted in seawater. We have investigated the role of sodium ion in maintenance of sperm activity. Active sperm lose activity on transfer to sodium-free artificial seawater and can be reactivated with external Na+. Reactivation occurs in the(More)
Evidenc of first-trimester fetal syphilis was sought in the products of conception in a therapeutic abortion clinic. During two collection periods of one week, five patients with serologic and clinical data consistent with recent syphilitic infection were identified. Their conceptuses were carefully examined by silver and immunofluorescent stains for the(More)
Fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) are critical for normal development of the organ of Corti, and may also protect hair cells from ototoxic damage. Four different fibroblast growth factors are known, three of which have different splice variants in the extracellular immunoglobin-like (Ig) III FGF-binding domain, giving different patterns of sensitivity to the(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize the mRNA content of mammalian cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs) and to search for specific genes possibly involved in their unique properties. Indeed, OHCs, which feature high-frequency electromotility, are responsible for the exquisite sensitivity and frequency selectivity of the cochlea. Damage to these cells,(More)
To the Editor:--I read with interest the article by Dr. Rosner on the medical care of the J ewi sh patient, b u t I m u s t take i ssue with his s t a tement tha t J u d a i s m places infinite value on h u m a n life "far beyond the value placed on h u m a n life in the Chris t ian tradition. "1 Of course, Christ ianity also pu t s an infinite value on h u(More)
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