Christine Bruckner

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Following the guidelines for MT evaluation proposed in the ISLE taxonomy, this paper presents considerations and procedures for evaluating the integration of machine-translated segments into a larger translation workflow with Translation Memory (TM) systems. The scenario here focuses on the software localisation industry, which already uses TM systems and(More)
Antireflective structures for a spectral range from 0.1-1.2 THz are applied to the surface of high resistive float zone silicon by deep reactive ion etching. Binary hexagonal and rectangular structures yield an increase in the pulse maximum of the electric field strength of about 20 percent for one structured surface.
For THz ultrashort pulse imaging a high scan speed in combination with a high signal/noise ratio is required. Several methods have been presented to accelerate the classical one channel THz pulse detection. For example 2D electrooptic sampling provides a short scan time, but the signal/noise ratio is low and there is a need for an expensive low repetition(More)
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