Christine Bockel

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Major intrinsic proteins (MIPs) are a family of channel proteins that are mainly represented by aquaporins in plants. These are divided into TIPs (tonoplast intrinsic proteins) and PIPs (plasma membrane intrinsic proteins) according to their subcellular localization. Homologues to PIPs and TIPs were isolated from the desiccation-tolerant resurrection plant(More)
The resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum Hochst. is used as an experimental system to investigate desiccation tolerance in higher plants. A search for genes activated during early stages of dehydration identified the gene CpEdi-9, which is expressed in mature seeds and in response to dehydration in the phloem cells of vascular tissues of leaves.(More)
The array of genes isolated and characterised from Craterostigma to date allow many insights to be made into the protection mechanisms underlying the desiccation tolerance phenomenon and drought-induced changes in gene expression. However, more work is necessary to define which gene products positively contribute to stress tolerance and which may be(More)
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