Christine Blincoe

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AIM To explore interprofessional attitudes arising from shared learning in mental health. BACKGROUND Inter-professional education in healthcare is a priority area for improving team-working and communication. Many studies have attempted to evaluate its benefits and challenges, although few emanate from the mental health arena. However, producing evidence(More)
The chromium naturally occurring in plants eluted from Sephadex G-25 at approximately 2600 D. Total chromium was quantitated with flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry. A plant ligand tagged with radioactive chromium both in vivo and in vitro migrated on Sephadex G-25 identically to the naturally occurring chromium compound. The molecular weight of(More)
The iodine-131 concentration in thyroids of cattle slaughtered in Reno, Nevada, was measured during and following recent atmospheric nuclear weapon tests by the U.S.S.R. The iodine-131 concentration rose rapidly to a maximum and then declined with an apparent half-life of 7 days after conclusion of the test series. The average dose to bovine thyroids from(More)
  • C Blincoe
  • International journal of bio-medical computing
  • 1981
Physico-chemical factors alone may account for much of the thyroid gland homeostasis and by inference for homeostasis of basal energy metabolism in mammals. Computer simulations indicate that changes of several of the important rate constants for thyroid function have little effect on circulating thyroid hormone concentrations. This was especially true of(More)