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We are currently characterizing different macrophage sub-populations according to their release of oxygen free radicals (measured as chemiluminescence) under various stimuli and their responses to drugs and mediators. Mouse macrophages were obtained by peritoneal or lung lavage and stimulatedin vitro with opsonized zymosan (OpZ) or the calcium ionophore(More)
Oxidative burst dependent chemiluminescence (CL), generated by mouse resident peritoneal and alveolar macrophages obtained by peritoneal and lung lavage, has been studied using a lumanol-dependent assay. Alveolar macrophages generated greater CL in response to opsonized zymosan (OpZ, 0.017-0.67 mg/ml) than did peritoneal cells, but the former were less(More)
Free-radical activity, induced either by ultra-violet<lb>irradiation or a metal/hydrogen peroxide system, in pure<lb>tryptophan solutions generates a number of u.v. absorbing<lb>and fluorescent products. Three of these have been identified<lb>as n-formylkynurenine, kynurenine and 5-hydroxy-<lb>tryptophan. Two, n-formylkynurenine and kynurenine, have<lb>also(More)
1. The effects of the platelet activating factor (Paf) antagonists alprazolam, BN 52021, kadsurenone, L 652,731 and SRI 63119 have been studied on Paf-induced chemiluminescence (CL) of guinea-pig, C. parvum-activated peritoneal macrophages in vitro. 2. All antagonists produced a shift to the right in the dose-response curve to Paf (0.001-10 mumol l-1).(More)
The luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (CL) response in vitro of guinea-pig C. parvum-activated peritoneal macrophages to platelet activating factor (PAF) has been compared with that to opsonized zymosan (OpZ). The response to PAF (5 X 10(-6) mol/l.) reached a peak within 1 min, that to OpZ (0.17 mg/ml) within 10-20 min. Peak responses to both stimuli were(More)
A chronic graft-versus-host reaction (GVHR) was induced in adult nonirradiated (B10 x DBA/2)F 1 mice by I.V. injection of live DBA/2 (H-2 d/d) lymphocytes. Although both a class I (K/D) and a class II (I-A/I-E) incompatibility existed in the F l recipients, DBA/2 donor cells were unable to induce the severe lympho-hemopoietic depletion characteristic of(More)
The relationship between glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity and opsonized zymosan-induced chemiluminescence (CL) has been studied with exudate leukocytes obtained at different times after induction of inflammatory responses in the mouse peritoneal cavity with heat-killed Corynebacterium parvum and in the rat pleural cavity with lambda-carrageenin.(More)
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