Christine Biermann

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Streptolysin 0 (SLO) is the prototype of a family of cytolysins that consists of proteins which bind to cholesterol and form very large transmembrane pores. Structure/function studies on the pore-forming cytolysin SLO have been complicated by the proteolytic inactivation of a substantial portion of recombinant SLO (rSLO) expressed in Escherichia coli. To(More)
Vibrio cholerae cytolysin (VCC) is produced by many non-choleratoxigenic strains of V. cholerae, and possibly represents a relevant pathogenicity determinant of these bacteria. The protein is secreted as a pro-toxin that is proteolytically cleaved to yield the active toxin with a molecular mass of approximately 63 kDa. We here describe a simple procedure(More)
We report the case of a patient who developed a large brain abscess after neurosurgery. Cerebrospinal fluid from the abscess drainage yielded Abiotrophia adiacens-specific PCR products and microorganisms that were identified by conventional microbiological methods and by 16S ribosomal DNA analysis as Abiotrophia adiacens, which was formerly classified as a(More)
A recent opinion piece rekindled debate as to whether geography's current interdisciplinary make-up is a historical relic or an actual and potential source of intellectual vitality. Taking the latter position, we argue here for the benefits of sustained integration of physical and critical human geography. For reasons both political and pragmatic, we term(More)
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