Christine Bee

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A class of putative Ras effectors called Ras association domain family (RASSF) represents non-enzymatic adaptors that were shown to be important in tumour suppression. RASSF5, a member of this family, exists in two splice variants known as NORE1A and RAPL. Both of them are involved in distinct cellular pathways triggered by Ras and Rap, respectively. Here(More)
Human C3b/C4b receptor or complement receptor type one (CR1) is one of a family of receptor and regulatory glycoproteins that are encoded at a single genetic region (1q32) and are composed largely of a tandemly repeated motif (short consensus repeat or SCR) of approximately 60 amino acids. In addition, CR1 features an internal homology of seven SCRs in(More)
NORE1A is a Ras-binding protein that belongs to a group of tumor suppressors known as the Ras association domain family. Their growth- and tumor-suppressive function is assumed to be dependent on association with the microtubule cytoskeleton. However, a detailed understanding of this interplay is still missing. Here, we show that NORE1A directly interacts(More)
Many biological processes take place in close proximity to lipid membranes. For a detailed understanding of the underlying mechanisms, tools are needed for the quantitative characterization of such biomolecular interactions. In this work, we describe the development of methods addressing the dynamics and affinities of protein complexes attached to an(More)
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