Christine Beasley

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It is often an important clinical task to predict how long a given patient will need to be hospitalized, but past research efforts to provide an empirical basis for such predictions have not been highly successful. The authors propose a conceptual model for predicting length of stay that goes beyond previous research; they not only include a range of(More)
Christine Beasley explains the benefits of supported self care for patients with long-term conditions, enabling them to make decisions about their care, in partnership with their health-care professional. The article also includes a case study of the Leeds Community Healthcare team, outlining how nurses implement the self care ethos into daily clinical(More)
The effects on free recall and recognition of transforming visually presented words and pictures was investigated. The Ss (n = 88) were asked to imagine or trace the words or pictures, and the number of item remembered was measured through free recall or recognition. There was no significant difference in items remembered as a result of tracing or(More)