Christine Bönniger

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BEM46 proteins are evolutionarily conserved, but their functions remain elusive. We reported previously that the BEM46 protein in Neurospora crassa is targeted to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and is essential for ascospore germination. In the present study, we established a bem46 knockout strain of N. crassa. This Δbem46 mutant exhibited a level of(More)
PSK (phytosulfokine) is a plant peptide hormone perceived by a leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase. Phosphosite mapping of epitope-tagged PSKR1 (phytosulfokine receptor 1) from Arabidopsis thaliana plants identified Ser(696) and Ser(698) in the JM (juxtamembrane) region and probably Ser(886) and/or Ser(893) in the AL (activation loop) as in planta(More)
Supervision as a means to improve professionalism in nursing. In the first part of the essay it was shown that the literature emphasises the psychohygiene function of supervision. This was contrasted with the function of systematic reflection on professional action, which is more important for the professionalisation of nursing. This second part describes(More)
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