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The aim of this study was to evaluate an innovation where service users and carers were involved in the recruitment of child and adult nursing students. Seventy candidates, four service users and carers and six academics who had been involved in the selection process took part in the study. A short questionnaire was administered to the nursing candidates.(More)
This paper presents an evaluative discussion of the literature, and findings from a concept analysis which explores user involvement in the context of health and social care higher education in the United Kingdom. User involvement is increasingly a requirement in higher education and the purpose of the concept analysis was to clarify and elucidate the(More)
This article reports on a study that aimed to conduct an in-depth investigation into the impact of user involvement on student learning and subsequent influence on practice as a qualified nurse. This was undertaken through a single case study that followed a narrative inquiry approach. UK policy has recommended user involvement in healthcare education for a(More)
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