Christine Amanda Rhodes

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This paper presents an evaluative discussion of the literature, and findings from a concept analysis which explores user involvement in the context of health and social care higher education in the United Kingdom. User involvement is increasingly a requirement in higher education and the purpose of the concept analysis was to clarify and elucidate the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate an innovation where service users and carers were involved in the recruitment of child and adult nursing students. Seventy candidates, four service users and carers and six academics who had been involved in the selection process took part in the study. A short questionnaire was administered to the nursing candidates.(More)
BACKGROUND Involving service users and carers in decisions about their health care is a key feature of health-care practice. Professional health and social care students need to develop skills and attributes to best enable this to happen. AIMS The aims were to explore service user and carer perceptions of behaviours, attributes and context required to(More)
This article reports on a study that aimed to conduct an in-depth investigation into the impact of user involvement on student learning and subsequent influence on practice as a qualified nurse. This was undertaken through a single case study that followed a narrative inquiry approach. UK policy has recommended user involvement in healthcare education for a(More)
Service user and carer involvement is increasing in health and social care education as a result of UK policy directives and Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body requirements. The study aimed to elicit the accounts of service user and carer educators' experiences in practice-based healthcare education in the UK. The overall aim was to illustrate the(More)
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UNLABELLED Daytime wetting in children is a common problem and though behavioural and educational interventions have been recommended, they have not been extensively evaluated. AIM To evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of an educational intervention (home workbook) for daytime wetting in children aged six to ten years. METHODS The workbook was(More)
REVIEW AIM The aim of this study is to review the evidence in relation to the experiences and outcomes of students on nursing and/or midwifery higher education programmes, who experience team based learning. REVIEW OBJECTIVES To examine the relationship between team based learning and attainment for nursing and midwifery students in professional higher(More)
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