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From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the Patient Requires Care of the Provider
It is recommended that the Triple Aim be expanded to a Quadruple Aim, adding the goal of improving the work life of health care providers, including clinicians and staff. Expand
Changes in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance in Physicians and the General US Working Population Between 2011 and 2014.
Burnout and satisfaction with work-life balance in US physicians worsened from 2011 to 2014, resulting in an increasing disparity in burn out and satisfaction in physicians relative to the general US working population. Expand
Relationship Between Clerical Burden and Characteristics of the Electronic Environment With Physician Burnout and Professional Satisfaction.
Doctors who used EHRs and CPOE were less satisfied with the amount of time spent on clerical tasks and were at higher risk for professional burnout, according to a large national study. Expand
Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties
The goal was to describe time allocation and practice characteristics for physicians in the era of EHRs and federal incentive and penalty programs and to ensure a participant base that was representative of a large and inclusive number of physicians. Expand
In Search of Joy in Practice: A Report of 23 High-Functioning Primary Care Practices
It is suggested that a shift from a physician-centric model of work distribution and responsibility to a shared-care model, with a higher level of clinical support staff per physician and frequent forums for communication, can result in high-functioning teams, improved professional satisfaction, and greater joy in practice. Expand
Burnout Among Health Care Professionals: A Call to Explore and Address This Underrecognized Threat to Safe, High-Quality Care
Lotte N. Dyrbye, MD, MHPE, Mayo Clinic; Tait D. Shanafelt, MD, Mayo Clinic; Christine A. Sinsky, MD, American Medical Association; Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, American NursesExpand
Tethered to the EHR: Primary Care Physician Workload Assessment Using EHR Event Log Data and Time-Motion Observations
EHR event logs can identify areas of EHR-related work that could be delegated, thus reducing workload, improving professional satisfaction, and decreasing burnout, according to primary care physicians. Expand
Estimating the Attributable Cost of Physician Burnout in the United States
In this study, a model to estimate the cost associated with burnout in a given population of physicians was introduced and 2 costly organizational outcomes were focused on: turnover and reduction in clinical hours. Expand
Changes in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Integration in Physicians and the General US Working Population Between 2011 and 2017.
Burnout and satisfaction with work-life integration among US physicians improved between 2014 and 2017, with burnout currently near 2011 levels, and physicians remain at increased risk for burnout relative to workers in other fields. Expand