Christine A. White

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Four heuristic algorithms based on or inspired by the well-known Tabu Search method have been used to cast heuristically optimized schedules for a clinical training unit of a hospital. It has been found experimentally that the algorithm of choice for this problem depends on the exact goal being sought where the execution time is one of the components of the(More)
BACKGROUND Implantation of the embryo and successful pregnancy are dependent on the differentiation of endometrial stromal cells into decidual cells. Female interleukin-11 receptor alpha (IL-11Ralpha) deficient mice are infertile due to disrupted decidualization, suggesting a critical role for IL-11 and its target genes in implantation. The molecular(More)
BACKGROUND Varenicline is a nicotinic receptor partial agonist indicated for the cessation of smoking. It is regarded as having no or minimal renal toxicity. A single case report has linked it to acute interstitial nephritis. CASE PRESENTATION A 56 year-old female with a long-standing history of idiopathic membranous glomerulonephritis presented on(More)
The task of scheduling medical staff for evening rounds in the Clinical Teaching Unit of the Ottawa Hospital is a long complicated task due to its complexity. Three main classifications of staff, combined with various rotations, skill sets, clinical teams and vacation periods have combined to create a difficult scheduling problem. As there were no(More)
BACKGROUND Although previous research has demonstrated that referral to pre-dialysis clinics is associated with favourable objective outcomes, the benefit of a pre-dialysis clinic from the perspective of patient-perceived subjective outcomes, such as quality of life (QOL), is less well defined. METHODS A retrospective incident cohort study was conducted(More)
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