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Improved understanding of follicular dynamics has led to a reevaluation of suppression of adrenal androgens in ovulation induction. To test whether adrenal suppression during clomiphene citrate (CC) therapy would improve ovulation/pregnancy rates, 64 anovulatory patients who had not previously received CC were randomly assigned to receive either 50 mg CC on(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the role of cervical ultrasonography in the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth in triplet gestations and to compare various ultrasonographic cervical parameters with respect to predictive ability. STUDY DESIGN This prospective cohort study included 51 triplet gestations longitudinally evaluated between 15(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to compare various ultrasonographic cervical parameters with respect to ability to predict spontaneous preterm birth in twin gestations. STUDY DESIGN This prospective study involved 131 women carrying twins who were longitudinally evaluated on 524 occasions between 15 and 28 weeks' gestation with transvaginal cervical(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the weekly cervical shortening rates of the endocervical canal between 15 and 24 weeks' gestation in women at risk for pregnancy loss or spontaneous preterm birth. METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study of transvaginal sonographic measurements of the endocervical canal length done at least twice between 15 and 24 weeks'(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare pregnancy outcomes in women at risk for pregnancy loss treated with elective versus ultrasound-indicated placement of cerclage. METHODS A retrospective cohort study was performed on two groups of patients with singleton gestations. The first group consisted of women at risk for pregnancy loss who were treated with an elective(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the role of cervical sonography and to compare various sonographic cervical parameters in their ability to predict spontaneous preterm birth in high-risk singleton gestations. DESIGN A prospective cohort of 469 high-risk gestations were longitudinally evaluated between 15 and 24 weeks' gestation on 1265 occasions with transvaginal(More)
Luteal phase deficiency (LPD), as diagnosed by endometrial biopsy, is not a single disorder but rather a spectrum of dysfunction that reflects both endometrial cycle and ovarian cycle abnormalities. Forty-three patients were diagnosed as having LPD by two consecutive abnormal cycles. Seven patients (16%) with hyperprolactinemia received bromocriptine, and(More)
Congenital Müllerian abnormalities, particularly the septate uterus, may result in recurrent abortion or premature labor. Twenty-five patients found to have a septate uterus during evaluation for infertility or recurrent abortion were treated by hysteroscopic metroplasty with laparoscopic visualization. Surgical outcome was excellent, intraoperative and(More)
BACKGROUND Health surveys provide important information on the burden and secular trends of risk factors and disease. Several factors including survey and item non-response can affect data quality. There are few reports on efficiency, validity and the impact of item non-response, from developing countries. This report examines factors associated with item(More)