Christine A. Miller

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Apoptosis is a key tumor suppression mechanism that can be initiated by activation of the proapoptotic factor Bax. The Ku70 DNA end-joining protein has recently been shown to suppress apoptosis by sequestering Bax from mitochondria. The mechanism by which Bax is regulated remains unknown. Here, we identify eight lysines in Ku70 that are targets for(More)
The sample fractionation steps conducted prior to mass detection are critically important for the comprehensive analysis of complex protein mixtures. This paper illustrates the effectiveness of OFFGEL electrophoresis with the Agilent 3100 OFFGEL Fractionator for the fractionation of peptides. An Escherichia coli tryptic digest was separated in 24 fractions,(More)
The SOS response aids bacterial propagation by inhibiting cell division during repair of DNA damage. We report that inactivation of the ftsI gene product, penicillin binding protein 3, by either beta-lactam antibiotics or genetic mutation induces SOS in Escherichia coli through the DpiBA two-component signal transduction system. This event, which requires(More)
Deregulation of the PI3K signaling pathway is observed in many human cancers and occurs most frequently through loss of PTEN phosphatase tumor suppressor function or through somatic activating mutations in the Class IA PI3K, PIK3CA. Tumors harboring activated p110alpha, the protein product of PIK3CA, require p110alpha activity for growth and survival and(More)
MS/MS and associated database search algorithms are essential proteomic tools for identifying peptides. Due to their widespread use, it is now time to perform a systematic analysis of the various algorithms currently in use. Using blood specimens used in the HUPO Plasma Proteome Project, we have evaluated five search algorithms with respect to their(More)
We present evidence showing that rpoS (katF) is a regulator of katG gene transcription in an oxyR-independent manner. Mutation of the rpoS gene in several different Escherichia coli strains caused a significant reduction in catalase HPI activity. In rpoS-delta oxyR double mutants, the level of HPI was considerably lower compared to the delta oxyR parent(More)
The subjects and verbs of English sentences agree in number. This superficially simple syntactic operation is regularly implemented by speakers, but occasionally derails in sentences such as The cost of the improvements have not yet been estimated. We examined whether the incidence of such errors was related to the presence of subject-like semantic features(More)
This past decade has seen the identification of numerous conserved genes that extend lifespan in diverse species, yet the number of compounds that extend lifespan is relatively small. A class of compounds called STACs, which were identified as activators of Sir2/SIRT1 NAD+-dependent deacetylases, extend the lifespans of multiple species in a Sir2-dependent(More)
The pBEVY (bi-directional expression vectors for yeast) plasmids were designed with constitutive and galactose-induced bi-directional promoters to direct the expression of multiple proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae . Using human estrogen receptor as a test gene, relatively balanced expression levels from each side of a bi-directional promoter were(More)
BACKGROUND Flow cytometry is a rapid and reliable method for measuring nuclear DNA content and genome size. Fluorochrome binding characteristics, sample preparation and differences in DNA condensation, and availability of binding sites can cause variations in results obtained. METHODS Blood samples from 82 vertebrate species were collected in 10% dimethyl(More)