Christine A. Merrick

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Synthetic biology requires effective methods to assemble DNA parts into devices and to modify these devices once made. Here we demonstrate a convenient rapid procedure for DNA fragment assembly using site-specific recombination by C31 integrase. Using six orthogonal attP/attB recombination site pairs with different overlap sequences, we can assemble up to(More)
Assembling multiple DNA fragments into functional plasmids is an important and often rate-limiting step in engineering new functions in living systems. Bacteriophage integrases are enzymes that carry out efficient recombination reactions between short, defined DNA sequences known as att sites. These DNA splicing reactions can be used to assemble large(More)
Metabolic pathway engineering in microbial hosts for heterologous biosynthesis of commodity compounds and fine chemicals offers a cheaper, greener, and more reliable method of production than does chemical synthesis. However, engineering metabolic pathways within a microbe is a complicated process: levels of gene expression, protein stability, enzyme(More)
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