Christine A Ege

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Gamma-tocotrienol (GT) is a member of the vitamin E family. Our preliminary studies indicated that it protected mice from lethal irradiation, so we hypothesized that GT might be a radiation sensitizing agent for tumors. To test this, we induced prostate tumors by injecting PC3 cells into nude BALB/c mice. When the tumors were about 5 mm in diameter, mice(More)
Vascular access ports (VAPs) for studies requiring intermittent or continuous infusion and frequent sampling are well accepted and widely used in large animal species. However, the use of medical devices such as VAPs to facilitate sample collection can lead to complications. Noninfectious complications of VAP implantation can result from thrombotic or(More)
Limited longitudinal data exist on the effect of HIV on adipose tissue (AT). We found an increase in CD4+ cells and detectable SHIV-RNA in AT during acute SHIV infection. SHIV-RNA+ cells were rare, suggesting that AT is unlikely to be a major source of productively infected cells in SHIV infection.
Profound neutropenia that provides an opportunity for infections to develop into sepsis remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality in patients after irradiation. Human clinical studies find extremely low concentrations of cholesterol (less than 120 mg/dl) associated with high risk of death in critically ill adult patients admitted to intensive(More)
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