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STUDY OBJECTIVES Using blinded procedures, determine the relation between serum ferritin levels and severity of subjective and objective symptoms of the restless legs syndrome (RLS) for a representative patient sample covering the entire adult age range. DESIGN All patient records from the past 4 years were retrospectively reviewed to obtain data from all(More)
[11C]WIN 35,428 was evaluated as a specific in vivo radioligand for the dopamine transporter site by PET scanning in nonhuman primates and humans. In studies with a baboon (Papio anubis), [11C]WIN 35,428 accumulated in brain regions containing dopamine transporters, i.e., the striata. This accumulation was partially blocked by prior administration of(More)
A static, unilateral, and focal bone depression located lingually within the ascending ramus, identical to the Stafne's bone cavity of the angle of the mandible, is being reported. During development of the mandible, submandibular gland inclusion may lead to the formation of a lingual concavity, which could contain fatty tissue, blood vessels, or soft(More)
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