Christina Usher

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We present 20 cases of laparoscopically assisted colon resection. Ten patients were operated on for various benign lesions of the large bowel, and the remaining 10 for malignancy. Three fourths of the patients were over 65 years of age. The operative technique described herein involved laparoscopic mobilization of the colon and then its delivery through a(More)
Radiotherapy of the posterior fossa for medulloblastoma treatment can induce ototoxicity, especially when combined with cisplatin chemotherapy. Sensorineural hearing loss can be severe enough to cause permanent disability, which may compromise cognitive development in paediatric patients. This study evaluates the sparing of the cochlea in conventional(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between older age and mean cerebral white matter fiber bundle lengths (FBLs) in specific white matter tracts in the brain using quantified diffusion MRI. METHODS Sixty-three healthy adults older than 50 years underwent diffusion tensor imaging. Tractography tracings of cerebral white matter fiber bundles were(More)
Executive function (EF) and cognitive processing speed (CPS) are two cognitive performance domains that decline with advanced age. Reduced EF and CPS are known to correlate with age-related frontal-lobe volume loss. However, it remains unclear whether white matter microstructure in these regions is associated with age-related decline in EF and/or CPS. We(More)
The incidence of HIV-associated dementia has been greatly reduced in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART); however milder forms of cognitive impairment persist. It remains uncertain whether HAART regimens with a high degree of central nervous system penetration effectiveness (CPE) exert beneficial neurological outcomes in HIV-infected(More)
The impact of head injury on our trauma center is significant because of the large number of cases with their heavy utilization of trauma center resources. Head injury also exerts a major influence on the Trauma Center in a rural area since it serves as a major provider of care for the head injured over a wide geographical area. Mortality rates seen in this(More)
This manuscript describes a direct comparison between radiation treatment plans in terms of dosimetric outcomes created by two different IMRT systems: TomoTherapy HiArt and dynamic linac intensity-modulated radiotherapy (dIMRT). Three patient cases were selected (with disease in different anatomical areas): vertebral metastasis re-treatment, radical(More)