Christina Timmons

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BACKGROUND A need exists to stratify patients with nonmetastatic osteosarcoma into risk subcategories to administer risk-adapted therapy. Intratumoral angiogenesis determined at diagnosis may have a prognostic significance in this malignancy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The authors performed a retrospective immunohistochemical study on archival pathologic(More)
In a study of 350 patients with multiple congenital contractures (arthrogryposis), 80 (23%) patients had mental retardation or were developmentally delayed. Out of that group of 80 patients, 13 (16%) were found to have abnormal karyotypes. Two of the thirteen had a family history of chromosomal abnormalities without congenital contractures, therefore, 11(More)
MURCS association is a rare, lethal and unusual constellation of nonrandom findings that includes mullerian duct aplasia, renal aplasia, and cervicothoracic somite dysplasia.1-3 It has been described in 30 patients by Duncan and coworkers2 in 1979, in which report the authors proposed an embryologic cause for these defects.3 Antenatal ultrasonographic(More)
CONTEXT Poor interprofessional relationships in maternity units have resulted in a number of suboptimal outcomes: students are reluctant to pursue careers in obstetrics and gynaecology (O & G); trainees feel bullied, and poor communication between professionals results in avoidable adverse events. Interprofessional learning has been advocated to improve(More)
UNLABELLED Caffeine is one of the most commonly consumed pharmacologically active ingredients in the Western world. It is postulated to cause peripheral vasoconstriction and decreased digital blood flow. As a result, many hand surgeons forbid caffeine consumption post-operatively by patients undergoing replantation surgery for fear of compromising healing.(More)
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